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Orion Diagnostic & Chiropractic Center - Dr. Khaled Khorshid
Chicago Ridge Medical Center
9830 Ridgeland Ave. Suite 5 - Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Tel: (708) 288-2239

"I was in a car accident in February of 2007 and had a severe case of whiplash. After many different chiropractors and naprapaths and almost exhausting the insurance claim, I still had a severe case of whiplash and was losing hope that I would ever be able to function at work again since I do a lot of heavy lifting and sanding, as I am in the auto restoration business. I was referred to Dr. Khaled Khorshid at the Orion Diagnostic Center and after a brief consultation he began treatment in November of 2008; I began to feel almost immediate results with relief to my neck and shoulders. He focused on the “trigger points” and within a few months, what was once a 5-inch knot deep in my back and shoulder blade is now minuscule and almost completely gone. I feel Dr. Khorshid has provided the help I needed within a short period of time. Although I usually don’t recommend physicians in general, I feel I can make an exception in Dr. Khorshid’s case."

D. McMahon   

"Dr. Khorshid is the most dedicated medical professional I ever have met.  His personal and continued journey to find the most effective and life-improving practice is astonishing and an inspiration to anyone in any field.  He demonstrates how seeking the purpose in one's work can always be found, and he follows his drive with a practice that is the most comprehensive and gentle of any chiropractor I have met."

K. Schifferdecker


Back to a pain free life
"Living your life without lower back pain-having to experience a good, reliable chiropractor-these are the things I’m so sorry to not have experienced in my earlier lifetime.
Suffering with back pain most of my life was something I thought I would have to live with now at age 61. I feel I need to educate everyone, if I can call it that-about how the gentleman I highly respect changed my life, actually the slightest  draft on my back -the move that would throw my back out for a few days, these are things I no longer live with-thank you Dr. Khorshid.
A chiropractor might not make a difference in your life in regards to pain-but a good chiropractor will. Thank you for your encouragement and giving me my life back again without back pain Dr. Khorshid."

M. Scalfaro


"Dr. Khorshid cares very much about his patients and is very comfortable
to talk to. His extensive medical knowledge beyond chiropractic gives
him additional insight to understand problems."

A. Jasaitis


"My medical doctor sent me to Dr Khorshid about five years ago and said that he could help me. I had severe back pains from double scoliosis. When I went to him for the second treatment [session], he asked me about my back pains, and I told him, "Not only was the back pain relieved, but for the first time in my life I did not have a headache. " My [other] problems are Fibromyalgia , for this Dr Khorshid works on the trigger points. I also have TMJ and can feel the jaw go "Out", he puts it back in place, also have ribs go "out ", and he puts them in place. I have sinus problems and he works on the sinuses and gets them draining. He keeps me mobile , and without  medications. For this I am extremely grateful as I also have allergies to certain medications, and get hives as a result. Dr. Khorshid is a wonderful person who explains everything to you and makes you comfortable during treatment. I am happy to be his patient for the help he has given me."

B. A. Rott


"I started Chiropractic care some four years ago when I met a wonderful man and doctor named Dr. Khaled Khorshid. At the time, I was suffering throughout my body and I thought there could be a possibility that something was wrong in my brain and also that I could be at risk for heart attacks. I didn't know for sure, all I knew is that I had pain, pain in my head and numbness, and numbness in myleft side, arm, hand, fingers, and face. This wonderful man talked to me and treated me like I was family. He explained to me what was going on in my body and reassured me that I would be okay. He told me the body is like an automobile, it too needs to be serviced every now and then to keep it in good condition. When I asked him how I could be suffering this
much as a young and always healthy woman he told me that we are just like anything
else and after time we get run down and have to be repaired.
Under Dr. Khorshid's treatment there was no need for any surgery or medicine. Now I have no pain in my body and I get chiropractic care regularly in order to keep the machine that God has given me in good condition. I am ever so grateful for Dr. Khorshid for not just being a doctor to me but for caring about the human body, mind,
soul, and spirit."

C. Boone


"I would like to tell you about the works of Dr. Khorshid. I don't even know where to start, as he does and has done many great things for me, so let me start at the beginning: I had been going to different chiropractors over the past ten years but only got temporary relief from them. My back was pretty bad at the time, and every now and then I would hardly be able to walk from it. I tried to get an appointment with my own osteopath but I was unable to. Also, that doctor was far from where I lived and I had many  painful journeys to him in the past. Finally, my brother, John, recommended Dr. Khorshid to me. John had been seeing him and said he was terrific. Unconvinced, I still assumed he was like all of the other doctors and so I asked John to tell me what makes Dr. Khorshid so special. John answered that Dr. Khorshid gives you a thorough examination and then checks each vertebra one at a time. I decided to make an appointment and John was right. Dr. Khorshid spent about 2 hours on my initial examination! Even after that he showed me helpful exercises to do. The rest is history and since I have been seeing Dr. Khorshid for the past 18 months I have not had my back go out. He is also very near and very accommodating to me when I am in pain which is very important to me. He is also very courteous and kind and always asks about my family. For example, when my Dad was visiting from Ireland Dr. Khorshid even examined him. I hope after reading this you will try visiting Dr. Khorshid. I was very happy that I did!"

C. Ralph