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Facing the Autism Pandemic!

By Khaled A. Khorshid, M.B.B.Ch., M.S., D.C.

            As clinic director of Kentuckiana Children’s Center, I have recently had the opportunity to attend a unique conference. This conference was one of a kind, where the most sophisticated health researchers and clinicians from different disciplines and parents of patients meet together. They all have one purpose- to defeat of the most mysterious diseases afflicting children today: Autism!

The “Defeat Autism Now (DAN)” conference was held this year in Atlanta, Georgia on May 11 & 12. This was their seventh annual conference. During these proceeding, all researchers and clinicians who were interested in Autism discussed updated findings and research studies. There were no distinctions between “traditional” or “alternative” approaches (200 practitioners, 85 of them were medical physicians). They removed all interdisciplinary boundaries in a courageous effort to make a difference in treating patients with Autism. Egos were set aside. All participants were facing a monster, and had no one had the full or complete answer.

That courageous effort to begin dialogue and interdisciplinary protocols for children with profound challenges started here in Louisville, KY in 1957 when Dr. Lorraine Golden founded Kentuckiana Children’s Center to care for children with special needs. With her holistic approach she incorporated all health disciplines to care for the most difficult cases. There were children labeled in the traditional system as hopeless cases. It was assumed that they would never have the mental or physical capacity to be able to learn or to go to school! Many of these children improved dramatically, received their high school diploma, and some even were able to receive vocational training. Many of them are volunteers and donors at Kentuckiana Children’s Center today!  

At the DAN conference, open minded researchers and clinicians gathered to bring the most valuable information about new findings to a forum where parents and clinicians can jointly write private health policy. Here, parents, researchers healthcare providers and medical physicians frankly discussed controversial topics concerning vaccination and environmental and healthcare-induced toxicity (i.e. mercury). This forum allowed the parents to be heard, ask questions and receive information from a broad panel of professionals, as well as encouraging interdisciplinary discourse and submission and collection of new data.

This is what appears to be the greatest success of this conference. Kentuckiana Children’s Center attempts to provide this same forum got parental input, discourse, interdisciplinary approach and data collection in hopes that any clinical success achieved can be reproduced in other facilities around the country.

Originally, Autism was considered an infantile disease with the most frequent incidence occurring in the first two years of life. Since 1985, the incidence has increased dramatically, and appears to more frequently occur in childhood around 6 years of age. An increased incidence was observed in both the USA and UK after the use of combined vaccines as MMR. A study published in British Medical Journal (in 24 Feb, 2000:322;460-463) showed that the incidence of Autism there is 1/1000. In Oregon, one child has Autism in every 70 children! The Journal of American Medical Association reported that the prevalence of Autism in USA is one new case every 3 hours!  Reports of spreading Autism, coming from all over the world suggestive of an Autism pandemic.

Dr. Kenneth A. Bock, MD, a specialist nutritionist in NY, presented at the DAN 2001 conference. His talk reiterated the policy already have in place at Kentuckiana Children’s Center which supports the integrative approach to Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This approach includes special diet, detoxification, and supportive supplements in addition to treating intestinal candidiasis and food allergy. KCC is evaluating each of these aspects of the child’s treating protocol, in addition to chiropractic care, which brings the central and autonomic nervous system to its maximum potential health. Once again, I believe that this integrative approach is the key of success in our care.

The number of children treated at Kentuckiana Children’s Center with the diagnosis of autism is increasing. Patients present at KCC with a diagnosis from their medical physician. They usually come encouraged by other families who have seen positive outcomes after treatment at Kentuckiana. Many of these children were failing to communicate or even speak. Many have progressed in language skills and attentive function which to many families, seems miraculous.

For each child that Kentuckiana serves, we start with comprehensive history, complete physical, neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal examination. Diagnosis of toxic status, mineral analysis and heavy metal toxicity is the second stage of care. Nutrition evaluation and guidance and socio psychological supports are integral parts of KCC care. Supportive supplements are used according to the latest available research.

In addition to health care services, research and education are major purposes of Kentuckiana Children’s Center’s original mission. In the next “Illuminations” issues we will cover our current and future research and teaching projects.

The integration of health services for KCC is not a new message, but an old open-minded mission that has proven to be successful.

We welcome the opportunity to share information with other health practitioners and healers. Also, we welcome inquiries and consultation, free of charge. The service at KCC is affordable because we charge on a sliding scale fee, based on the ability to pay. Nobody is denied service if he cannot afford it. KCC is nonprofit organization, founded to provide healthcare for children. We believe that every child is special and has a special need.


Khaled A. Khorshid, MBBCh, MS, DC
Clinic Director
Kentuckiana Children’s Center
(502) 366-3090

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