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Health Care From Traditional to Natural

By Khaled A. Khorshid, M.B.B.Ch., M.S., D.C.


How the New Clinic’s Director of Kentuckiana Children’s Center views his journey and philosophy of Integrated Health Care…

In spite of varied philosophical views, taking care of the patient for better health is the common goal of all healthcare professions. I learned this lesson the hard way in a very long journey from one profession to another. I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, where there was no chiropractic until recently. The allopathic model of healthcare was the only avenue available.

I graduated from Ain-Shams University medical school in 1974. I was a general practitioner for six years prior to returning to school for an additional five years for advanced training in general surgery. I practiced as a general surgeon for seven years and visited the United States for the first time after being selected for a fellowship program to study Oncology at the University of Miami in 1981. I visited the U.S. several times after that, but it wasn’t until 1994 that I received my first exposure to chiropractic.

I watched the “20/20” television program, which presented a very negative view of the chiropractic profession. This program was disturbing to me, so I went to the public library to find more information on chiropractic – and found not a single book on the subject! I decided to visit a chiropractic office to investigate the issue myself.

I met Dr. Dale Mortison, and he invited me to follow him while he adjusted patients. Upon learning about my background many patients freely shared their experiences and the problems that found no resolution until they visited their chiropractor. I was not used to t\working with happy patients, and. I was amazed. Dr. Mortison gave me Dr. Virgil Strang’s book, “The Principles of Chiropractic” to read. I began to understand chiropractic and made the decision to go back to school to study Chiropractic. I enrolled at Palmer College the following month. I graduated from Palmer in 1997, and remained there as an instructor while operating a private practice until coming to Kentuckiana.

I am enjoying practicing as a chiropractor even more than my medical practice. For me, there is a profound satisfaction in working with the individual’s innate intelligence and helping to gently guide the healing process from above down, inside out. Unlike the interventions I employed previously – applying my knowledge from the outside in – the tools of chiropractic assist the patient by addressing the cause with a chiropractic adjustment and making appropriate lifestyle changes to help support the healing process.

When I heard of Kentuckiana and Dr. Golden’s dream of bringing chiropractic care to children in need everywhere, I desired to become a part of it. I am honored to be the new clinic director and hope to work with each of you to build bridges as well as increase understanding and cooperation between different health professionals.

We have seen an increase in support for chiropractic research in the past decade with support from HCFA and the NIH. I believe it is essential to establish the credibility of what we do through scientific research. Building the bridge of scientific communications between different health professionals can lead to a better health care system with less invasive procedure, fewer unfavorable treatment outcomes, less malpractice, less unnecessary complications in surgery, defiantly less cost and better health and well being.

I am proud to join Kentuckiana Children’s Center to continue the great integrative health services offered to children with special needs. Dr. Lorraine Golden had begun the Center with the vision of integrated health care in 1957! She gathered many different health professionals to provide the best of their expertise and skills for children with special needs. We open the door of KCC for other health professionals in the community to join us in our future health plans and research to establish integrated health management protocols and guidelines for the better solutions of different health problems. It is through collaborative efforts that will be able to establish the safety and efficacy of these integrated protocols.

The first project of KCC is addressing Autism. Any one of the health professionals caring for the autistic patient is welcomed to participate, exchange views and ideas, and contribute in a conference on Thursday, May 24, 2001. Please contact me if you are interested.

I am thrilled to find that there is already an integrated network forum established in the area, which can facilitate our better health efforts for our patients. Let’s make use of this opportunity to make an example of the best integrated health care model in the whole world!


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