New Palmer Grad Is Egyptian M.D. Who Discovered Chiropractic Accidently





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Davenport, Iowa- After 18 years as a surgeon, an Egyptian medical doctor stumbled onto chiropractic while watching a disparaging segment about chiropractors in 1994 on the “20/20” TV program.

“I had never heard of chiropractors,” Dr. Khaled Ahmad Khorshid said. “Based on the “20/20” report, I though chiropractors were unfair to their patients. I wanted to learn more about chiropractic because I was so angry. I visited a chiropractor working North Florida for one week and found just the opposite to be true. His patients were happy; their pain turned to relief after chiropractic care. And most important, they got well without medication, without surgery. That’s when I decided to study chiropractic.”

Late in 1994, Dr. Khorshid, his wife and six of his seven children relocated from Miami to Davenport, and he started a new life at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He planned to study chiropractic for a time and quit anytime if he chose. Instead, Dr. Khorshid graduated magna cum laude and on schedule.

“I have seen a tremendous improvement in patients’ conditions through chiropractic care,” Dr. Khorshid said. “I have really enjoyed my chiropractic education at Palmer.”

He even was able to help his wife overcome a chronic foot problem through chiropractic care. Immediately after one adjustment, she had recovered 70 percent. The next day, her recovery was 100 percent. For the previous 20 years, Dr. Khorshid had given her painkillers for the problem.

For now, he plans to set up and build a successful practice in Iowa, and then begin educating Egyptians about chiropractic through seminars there, publishing case studies in Egyptian journals and taking select groups of M.D.s to see the patients in his practice. Dr. Khorshid expects to be among the first to introduce chiropractic in Egypt. Life College has established a clinic in Cairo but still many Egyptians are unfamiliar with chiropractic care.

“To introduce chiropractic successfully to Egyptians, I have to do it gradually and show them how successful it is abroad,” he said. “I want chiropractic care to be welcomed by M.D.s and patients in Egypt. Chiropractic combined with medical care will improve the Egyptian people’s health. But there needs to be cooperation first, so that chiropractic would be recognized as another branch of health care. I would like to avoid the misunderstandings that have occurred between M.D.s and chiropractors in the United States.”  

According to Dr. Khorshid, most Egyptians have disposable income for health care and would be ideal candidates for low-cost, effective chiropractic care. First, though, they need to be educated about chiropractic.

“My dream is to be welcomed back in a few years as a chiropractor to my hometown of Cairo, Egypt,” Dr. Khorshid said. “But if takes my whole lifetime and my children’s, it will still be worthwhile. I wish I had known about chiropractic a long time ago. I would not have worked in the medical world for 18 years. But at least at 46, I became a chiropractor before it was too late.”

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